Scott Greenberg is a radio show host, speaker, senior advocate, and author, whose knowledge and insight is invaluable to the aging population and their families.

In 2014, StarGroup published Mr. Greenberg’s book, which received accolades from the community, was awarded an Indie Book Award, and generated overwhelming demand for speaking engagements.   The 2nd edition is now available and includes updates plus 4 new chapters.

He clearly outlines important information, gives guidance, and shares real life anecdotes to help readers successfully anticipate issues and set a plan for parents and loved ones medical, emotional, and financial needs as they get older. 

Medicare, insurance, wills, medication, and choosing a caregiver are not laughing matters.  However, Scott manages to mix the hard facts with a healthy dose of wit and humor.  Going Out with a Bang: Sex After 60, 80 in the Left Lane Going 20, and We Take Too Many Damn Drugs are chapters that add spice to the conversation and use levity to lighten the weight of a sobering subject.

Informative, funny, and sometimes irreverent, OMG I’M GETTING OLDER and So Is My Mom 2nd edition is a must-read for all adults with aging parents or partners.  Visit