Who We Are

Each staff member at StarGroup International has a unique background and a professional specialty that complements the team.

For nearly thirty years StarGroup International has been comprised of top industry talent to create powerful visual communication, memorable branding, innovative marketing, and distinguished custom books for their clients.

In addition to our core group, we also pull from a topnotch cadre of freelance writers, editors, designers, and artists for special projects and campaigns.

Meet Our Award Winning Communications Specialists

Brenda StarCEO

I began StarGroup International, a public relations, marketing, and custom book publishing company in West Palm Beach, nearly thirty years ago.

My destiny as an entrepreneur was clear by age 6 when I established a thriving Kool-Aid and cotton candy concession in my front yard. Even then, my determination exceeded my stature and I walked my profits to the local bank and opened my own account, barely able to reach the counter to sign my name. As a 15-year-old honors student, cheerleader, and yearbook photographer, my entrepreneurship continued as I opened my first dance school, teaching ballet and jazz to children and adults. Over the years, 23 more dance schools followed across 4 states.

Integrating my creative aspirations with a business instinct, I designed and marketed a line of costume jewelry at age 17 with a cottage industry of 15 employees. I later authored a national syndicated cooking column and newsletter, and founded a state wide commercial real estate company.

My path to marketing and media was a natural progression, but my introduction to the field of book publishing was the result of my passion for books. A true bibliophile, I began studying the world of publishing and book production.

Eventually, 2 two book divisions were added to StarGroup International. One division plays a Traditional publisher role while the other is a Custom book division specializing in books used as marketing, media, and fund-raising tools.

I love helping people craft their own story, brand their name, and promote themselves in unique ways. StarGroup International effectively accomplishes this with quality custom books.

All in all, not much has changed since the days of Kool-Aid and cotton candy!

Author’s note: In my too-infrequent moments of self-indulgence, I enjoy throwing clay, water hose painting (ask me), entertaining, cooking, and traveling.

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Don McClintock

Vice President


Don brings a lifetime of experience from broadcasting, business, sales, and communication to every project. He participates in all aspects of book production from concept development to the final product. He carries our story throughout the business and cultural community.

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Tracy Carvalho

Marketing & Media


Tracy Carvalho brings over 20 years of experience in domestic and international marketing, media, and account management to the company. She honed her skills in the music business, the luxury real estate market, and the high-end jewelry business.

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Mel Abfier

Creative Director & Photographer


Mel has worked with StarGroup for 19 years! His photographic talent and expertise combined with his creative graphic design skills have greatly contributed to many noteworthy StarGroup projects and award winning books.

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Carleton Chernekoff

Editor & Proofreader


Carleton began her a newspaper reporter and editor, moving on to become a professor of writing at the college level for close to 20 years. She prides herself as a tenacious proofreader and editor, and her combination of experience and passion have earned her the nickname, “grammar police”, which she considers a compliment!

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Linda Haas

Editor & Writer


Linda is an award-winning writer and editor who loves a challenge. Meticulous fact checking, thorough research, and obliterating grammatical and spelling errors are her specialty so we make sure to keep Linda close at hand!

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Carol McClain Bassett

Editor & Writer


Carol is a versatile writer and editor with credits in numerous professional, educational, and global humanitarian publications. She is the ghost writer for a best-selling celebrity fitness and natural health author and has written for Chicken Soup for the Soul.  She uses her eagle eye editing to get our books ready for print.

Gwen Carden
Gwen CardenEditor & Writer
Gwen is an award winning journalist whose writing credits include hundreds of articles in national publications, several ghostwritten books, and extensive book editing experience for a wide range of topics including, medical, consumer, and legal, psychology and addiction.
Annaleah Morrow, Ph.D
Annaleah Morrow, Ph.DEditor & Writer
Annaleah has worked in the education field for over 25 years. She currently coaches business professionals interested in developing their leadership, communication, and presentation skills, and is also a seasoned ghost writer.
Mark Kattoura, Ph.D.
Mark Kattoura, Ph.D.Communications Specialist
Mark Kattoura’s expertise is in branding, communication research, and social media marketing. As a Communication Specialist at StarGroup International, he offers a fresh perspective to every client and project. Mark ensures a track of success no matter the size of the request or campaign.


We Thrive Ourselves On Creativity, Intuition & Determination.

We take pride in creating competitive-edged programs that produce targeted results for our clients.

We Publish Custom Books for Businesses

A book positions you as an expert in your field, enhances your credibility and gains media attention.

We Tell Your Story in an Impactful Way

We have a deep understanding of how great storytelling can be turned into a unique and impactful message.

We deliver Your Marketing Message

We have the ability to transform your message into an exciting and everlasting gift for your audience.

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