An ad says, ‘I need business…’ A BOOK says ‘I’m an authority.’

-Brenda Star

We do what others don’t.  We embrace the digital world, while also retaining our belief in the power of a printed book. Our books garner lasting and tangible results for clients, including brand awareness, industry credibility, and national media coverage. 

We are the recipient of many state and national Indie book awards for our custom books that tell a clients’ story, convey their expertise, and define their purpose.  

Custom Books are our ‘Unique Niche’ because we have the experience and resources to create this special marketing and fundraising tool for our clients.  You too can become a published author!


If a book sounds interesting to you, let’s talk.  We can help you write your book with only 10 hours or less of your time!  Our team then continues the process of writing, editing, proofreading and designing your own custom book that will set you apart from others in your field!

Who Can Benefit from BOOKS?


No one knows where to keep (or find) a brochure or media kit, BUT
EVERYONE knows where to keep a book.
– Brenda Star


Why are books important in a digital world?

A book contains knowledge, character, and presence.  Books can educate or entertain, create relationships, establish you as an authority in your field, brand you, generate media coverage, or compel someone to support your cause.  

  • A quality book is considered a gift, kept on a coffee table, office lobby, bookshelf, or is passed on to a friend or colleague interested in that topic. A quality brochure or marketing packet is still considered a sales tool, usually tossed in the garbage after a quick browse.
  • A book has staying power that a flyer or brochure does not. A book is a unique marketing, media, and fundraising tool in the digital age.
  • A book says “authority”, “industry credibility”, and “commitment”.
  • A book allows you to position your organization, products, and services, and differentiate your business and advance your brand.
  • A book can create media interest and media opportunities that otherwise would not have been available without purchasing expensive airtime or print ads.
  • Touch it, highlight it, dog-ear it, bookmark it. A book is visually superior to a webpage and is tactile, creating a visceral reaction in the reader.

I never thought of writing a book. How is a book relevant to what I do?

Every person has a story and every business has knowledge to share.  Whether you are a doctor, dentist, lawyer, insurance salesman, business coach, chef, or non-profit, you have information to share and a product or service that people need.

Sharing your knowledge through a book is a way to communicate in a memorable way, with the recipient feeling that they have been “gifted” something special, not “sold” something. They are more likely to harbor good will towards the company.

Medical / Dental / Cosmetic Services

We work with a doctors and dentists whose specialties vary widely, but what they have in common is that they want to help people.  By widening their scope of influence through a book, we can exponentially increase the reach of their practice and services.

Cutting edge medical procedures and therapies, dental and orthodontic specialties, cosmetic procedures and surgeries are ideal businesses for book publishing.  A book can showcase health and beauty, before and after results, new procedures or alternative therapies, testimonials and endorsements.  It is a testament to your craft and expertise, and a unique marketing tool to develop business opportunities.

Here are some of the books we’ve published (CLICK IMAGES FOR MORE DETAIL):



Attorneys & Insurance Professionals

We help law firms with a variety of services, including custom book production and publishing.  Books are a marketing tool that can increase your profile, increase your client base, help the community, and make you the “go to” authority when media needs quotes and opinions.

Elder law, insurance and real estate law, health or family law, and immigration law are areas that affect the majority of citizens in any given location and your expert advice and counsel can impact people’s lives.  A book can highlight basic advice, concerns, and resources for those needing representation, impressive or unique aspects of your firm, noteworthy court case wins, and can include information about non-profits or public service programs that you support.

We don’t want to take you away from your clients and your business, so if a book sounds interesting to you, let’s talk.  We help you write your book in only 10 hours or less of your time!  Our team then continues the process of editing, proofing, designing, publishing and distributing your book. Your book can be put directly into the hands of your potential market, and can be positioned to obtain regional and national media.

Yes, insurance can be interesting!  If you own an insurance agency, are an insurance agent, a health insurance advocate or public insurance adjuster then you have important information, recommendations and anecdotes from which the general public would greatly benefit.

Car, health, life, and home insurance options, companies, coverages, requirements and legislative changes are overwhelming. Misinformation abounds and the public could use expert insights, helpful tips, information, and recommendations.  A branded book can generate far more goodwill, name recognition, and business opportunities than any ad placement.

A client of ours wrote an insurance book about cutting premiums for small businesses and his book created opportunities and business that helped him become one of the largest Blue Cross Blue Shield agencies in the country!




Business Leaders & Entrepreneurs

If you are a successful entrepreneur or a business leader, coach, or trainer, you have important information to share!  Other business professionals, the media, and students are looking for help, direction, content, and a game plan to develop strategies and reach goals.

We help our clients develop a cohesive brand, secure media opportunities, book speaking engagements, develop social media campaigns, and improve website traffic and conversion.

We also help you to write and publish your own book!  A book is an ideal tool to showcase and share your stories, anecdotes, suggestions, and process for achieving success.

We don’t want to take you away from your clients and your business, so if a book sounds interesting to you, let’s talk.  We can help you write your book with only 10 hours or less of your time!  Our team then continues the process of writing, editing, proofreading and designing your own custom book that will set you apart from the rest!

Here are some of the books we’ve published: (CLICK IMAGES FOR MORE DETAIL)


Colleges, Universities & Private Schools

Private grade schools, colleges and universities are responsible for educating their students, but in order to enroll students the process of outreach, marketing the school is necessary. Each school is different and has unique approaches and offerings for programs and degrees, faculty, athletic programs, administration, specializations, campus amenities, rankings, location, alumni testimonials, and post-graduation placement.

We have helped educational institutions, such as Nova Southeastern University and Northwood University, create a book and publish a book as a development and marketing tool. 

Both universities were thrilled with their respective books and the impact of the books had on their development goals. Click here to see the video testimonials! (CLICK IMAGES FOR MORE DETAIL)

On behalf of President George Hanbury, I want to thank StarGroup for your guidance, planning design and execution of this wonderful commemorative look at our university. Considering the size and complexity of the publication, you kept the process on time and within budget, even considering the large number of contributors that had to be satisfied along the way. Most importantly, you were all such a joy to work with, helping make a difficult challenge much more palatable. We just can’t thank you enough!

David C. Dawson, Executive Director of University Relations, Nova Southeastern University


Destination Tourism & Marketing

We have a passion for travel and our team of marketers, graphic designers and writers have enjoyed many years of working with resorts, CVBs, DMOs, Ministry of Tourism Departments, and international real estate developers .

We want to help you promote your beautiful destination through a variety of marketing and promotion initiatives, utilizing a souvenir book as the cornerstone of our program.  Your book will showcase the beauty of your location and will be a keepsake book that keeps your story alive for years to come.

Whether used as part of an incentive package, elegant marketing tool, a history for future generations, or as a VIP gift, a book positions you and your destination or property above your competition. (CLICK IMAGES FOR MORE DETAIL)



Non-Profits and Advocacy Groups

We have helped interest groups and advocacy groups with outreach, publicity, and book publishing in order to raise awareness and promote the cause.

National Seniors Advocate, Scott Greenberg, hired StarGroup International to gain national awareness, media coverage, speaking engagements and book sales.  His passion is to help senior citizens and their families find information and resources to guide them through the sometimes financially and emotionally difficult process of aging.

Here are some of the books we’ve published: (CLICK IMAGES FOR MORE DETAIL)
“Oh My God, I’m Getting OLDER and So is My Mother” by Scott Greenberg, Senior Advocate & Radio Show Host
“101 Reason to Read to Your Child” by Brenda Star
“Citizenship – what Every American Needs to Know” by Brenda Star

Non-profits have a variety of ways to raise funds, but an often overlooked fundraising development tool is a BOOK.  A quality book is an excellent way of delivery an organization’s message, outline programs, state achievements, showcase photos and testimonials from those who have benefitted from the efforts of the organization, and a great gift to acknowledge donors.

 A book can be underwritten by a company or corporation that wants to support the organization and align itself in the community with a worthy cause.

Here are some of the books we’ve published: (CLICK IMAGES FOR MORE DETAIL)
“50 Years of Strengthening Our Community” by Gulfstream Goodwill Industries
“Changing Lives – 35 Years of Gulfstream Goodwill” by Gulfstream Goodwill Industries

Brenda Star, President of StarGroup International, has a passion for this country and the literacy of its children. Using her talents and resources, Ms. Star has compiled and published books on both reading and U.S. citizenship in order to contribute to the betterment of the country.


Artists & Specialty Books

Art is created in a wide range of forms (canvas, glass, sculpture, mosaic, etc), but all art can be compiled and published in the pages of a beautiful coffee table book.  An artist’s inspiration, vision, and creations can be showcased to live a long life in the pages of a book, and can assist artists in securing financial backing, gallery showings, media attention, and sales.

Anyone with a passion, an idea, or a message can write a book. We have helped many people write and publish books ranging from cookbooks to coffee table humor, and from pictorials to reference books. 


Here are some of the books we’ve published: (CLICK IMAGES FOR MORE DETAIL)
“The Life & Art of Edna Hibel” by Shawn McAllister
“Learning to See” by Bruce Helander
“Wit & Wisdom”by Brenda Star, StarGroup International
“Coffee Art for Coffee Lovers” by Holly Denise

“Adults Only – For Those Who Love Their Country More Than Their Party” by Sid Dinerstein
“My Mother’s Italian, My Father’s Jewish, I’m in Therapy Cookbook” by Jane Evers
“Porcelain Military Figurines” by Philip A. Mann
“101 Reasons Why You Should Eat Fast Food” by W. Adam Clatsoff
“Wilfred Wildebeest” by Ferdinand D. McClintock


Family Legacy and Autobiographical Projects

Family history and memoirs are important to those that follow you, but stories handed down by word of mouth may not be entirely reliable.  Documenting family history, family members, photographs, stories of personal triumphs and tragedies, and personal anecdotes are beautifully chronicled and preserved in a book for future generations.

Call and let us help you find your voice and tell your personal story through a book. (CLICK IMAGES FOR MORE DETAIL)

More of our custom books…