Dr. Howard B. Shullman, DMD invested years in studying and perfecting his skills in dentistry and orthodontics to give patients beautiful teeth and a radiant smile, but beyond his competency is passion and a desire to have an impact in his community. 

Dr. Shullman wanted to create something special that could be shared with patients and the community at large. A custom book was the ideal vehicle for what he wanted to accomplish and “101 Reasons to Smile” is the result.   

The book is a fun, uplifting compilation of activities, feelings, and every day happenings that make people smile; ones that are of particular importance in Dr. Shullman’s life.  Readers get a sense of his personality, his values, and the principles behind his practice.

After receiving his first copy of this book, Dr. Shullman said, “Thanks again for all of your hard work, dedication and enthusiasm in producing this book, I am super excited to share it with the world.”

smile bookWe congratulate Dr. Shullman on his accomplishment, and wish him much success!