Dr. Howard B. Shullman loves his job. He loves creating beautiful and wanted to create something unique that would generate more smiles. Dr. Shullman did not want a standard photo journal of smiles or dental techniques but instead wanted something light-hearted and “all ages” that he could share with people to reach them on a more personal level. The result is a fun, colorful book listing his “101 Reasons to Smile”.

The book is being gifted throughout the region to schools, hospitals, and nonprofit organizations, and funds raised from sales of the book (available on Amazon.com) will go to a scholarship fund for patients that could not otherwise afford orthodontic treatment. Dr. Shullman’s smile campaign has been covered in local and regional media as a philanthropic community-based endeavor.

We know how a custom book can open doors and usher in opportunities that other digital or advertising media cannot. Call StarGroup to discuss ideas and options for utilizing a book to reach your marketing goals!101 Reasons to Smile

101 Reasons to Smile