The Society of the Four Arts chose StarGroup International’s book publishing arm, StarGroup Books, to create and produce a legacy book, entitled, The Society of the Four Arts: History and Legacy.  The book celebrates and chronicles its 80 year history in Palm Beach.

The Society of the Four Arts, a non-profit cultural organization, located at the base of the Royal Park Bridge on Palm Beach, welcomes members and arts and entertainment enthusiasts throughout South Florida to the island. Sculptures, architecture, and manicured gardens are just the first of countless noble arts displayed on the grounds of the Society.

The rich history and evolution of the organization, the founders and generous benefactors, the fostering of culture, art, and community have through the decades offered a plethora of content and visuals for the book. Brenda Star, President of StarGroup International feels that the book’s visuals help the story come to life, “The visual magic in our books comes from our incredible Creative Director, Mel Abfier, who has been with us for over 20 years. He has a vision and an innate talent that captures the flavor of the projects.”

Ms. Star is proud to have published the book, “We thrive on our ability to help an organization pull together their thoughts, content and message in order to create a book that effectively communicates, educates, and advances their goals whether it is to reach a wider audience, generate media, or raise funds.”

Katie Edwards, director of communications at The Society of the Four Arts will use the book to reach a wider audience, “People are excited. They’ve learned things about the organization that they never knew before, stories that they found endearing,” she said. “We want people to have an even better relationship with The Four Arts, and if a history book accomplishes that, then we will have met our goal.”

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