ECHO Participates in Award-Winning Book, “Palm Beach’s Most Popular Restaurants” 

ECHO, the stylish multi-faceted Asian restaurant located in the heart of Palm Beach, was a featured participant in the coffee table book, “Palm Beach’s Most Popular Restaurants”,  published by StarGroup International.  The book has been named a Finalist in the Coffee Table book/Photography Category of The Next Generation Indie Book Awards®, the largest not-for-profit awards program for independent publishers. 

Created to showcase and promote the magnificence of these fine dining establishments and their delectable cuisine, the award-winning book is a literal “feast for the eyes”.   As a Finalist, the book will be included in the 2017 NGIBA catalog and distributed at Book Expo America in New York as a countertop handout at registration desks.  It will also be promoted to book buyers, book lovers and library reps along with media and industry professionals. 
Energized by its stylish, engaging atmosphere, ECHO diners savor the five distinct cuisines of Asia — an illuminating display of the aromatic, flavorful specialties of China, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, and Korea.   

The innovatively designed menu is categorized as Five Elements: Wind (small plates to begin the journey); Water (sushi, seafood, and shellfish); Fire (creations from the wok); Earth (meat and poultry); and Flavor (desserts and sweets), featuring delicious, authentic dishes. An impressive cocktail and wine list features numerous selections from top boutique wineries and perfectly complements Echo’s bold Asian flavors.   


Better than a low resolution webpage, a book is visually superior and tactile, creating a visceral reaction in the reader.  Better than a brochure, a book has staying power and resides in an office or in a bookcase, continuing to draw eyes upon it for years to come.   

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