Yes, a picture is worth a thousand words, but the aim of our photography is not to replace content but to add a visual dimension to enhance your work, your website, and your social media.  Our goal is to portray an accurate and professional image of you, your brand, or your product that will attract and resonate with your audience.


We believe that professional images represent credibility, commitment, and an investment in a business, a brand, and in oneself.  Stock imagery and selfies are just not in the same league.

Every Big Shot Needs a Head Shot

Our Creative Director and Lead Photographer is Mel Abfier, a tenured, studied, professional who has decades of experience shooting products, portraits, and magazine covers for women’s magazines.  He studied environmental portraiture across the country, worked with top photographers in NYC for many years, and had his own private studio in New England.  He has worked with StarGroup for many years shooting and creating our award winning book covers and layouts.

Every Big Shot Needs a Head Shot is our professional branding program that will create impressive head shots, full length shots, and a variety of options/settings so you will be able to put your “best face forward” on your website, various social media profiles (including LinkedIn), and a professional biography or advertising.

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