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Encouraging and increasing literacy is a personal passion for Brenda Star. She has seen the benefits that early reading has upon children, having raised two very educated and successful young women, and she believes that education is the springboard for a life full of potential and opportunity. Conversely, she became aware of the detrimental effects that illiteracy has on youth and its impact on them socially, economically, and emotionally throughout their lives, and wanted to help make illiteracy obsolete.

Creating, compiling, and distributing, “101 Reason to Read with Your Child” book, was a labor of love, a resource for parents who want to set their child up for success but need assistance and direction. 

Six editions later, thousands of copies of “101 Reasons to Read with Your Child” have been distributed free of charge through numerous non-profits, educational institutions, corporate foundations, and literacy programs.

This project was endorsed by the following companies


It’s never too late to begin reading to and with your child. The 6th edition of 101 Reasons to READ with Your Child conveys both how and why in fast, easy dosages for busy parents and caregivers.
Emily Kirkpatrick, Vice President
National Center for Family Literacy

The love for reading starts at home and 101 Reasons to READ with Your Child highlights why. Every parent would benefit from reading it.
Shelley Morehead, Program Administrator
Pizza Hut BOOKIT! National Reading Incentive Program

If you have ever read to a child, you know what a treat that is for the adult. This book makes clear why that shared moment is life-giving for the child. A compelling argument for making reading together a habit.
Daniel Domenech, Executive Director, AASA
The School Superintendents Association

101 Reasons to READ With Your Child can help change the trajectory for young people who struggle to read throughout their schooling. These students often leave school without a diploma at huge costs to the individual and to the nation as a whole.
Bob Wise, President
The Alliance for Excellent Education
Former Governor of West Virginia

So many wonderful reasons to read with your child! For military parents deployed halfway around the world, the opportunity to read to their children is available and all 101 reasons still prevail! For these deployed military parents, reading a storybook will ease the stress of separation, will make reunions and homecomings easier, will allow for the deployed mom or dad to parent from afar, and will cultivate a love of reading – just like this book says! What a terrific compilation!
Sally Ann Zoll, Ed.D., CEO
United Through Reading

The research cited in 101 Reasons to Read confirms the importance of reading with children to ensure academic success, but the Reasons are where the rubber meets the road. Parents will easily find a Reason they relate to, and be compelled to grab a book or e-reader, sit down with their little reader and share the gift of reading.
Mary M. Keller, Ed.D., President and CEO
Military Child Education Coalition

101 Reasons To Read With Your Child provides parents and care-givers with the compelling impact that reading to children will have on their development, and hard facts that point to the outcomes that result from an illiterate society. Read this guide and read to your children – every day.
Marcie Craig Post, Executive Director
International Reading Association

Research has shown that family involvement in their children’s education is the single factor that correlates most strongly with success in school. Parent involvement can take many forms, but none is more important than reading with a child, and this book provides 101 compelling reasons why that is so.
Bill Milliken
Author of “The Last Dropout” and “From the Rearview Mirror”
Founder of Communities In Schools

101 Reasons to Read With Your Child” is an excellent resource for parents, and even teachers and educators. It offers easy-to-do tips in a clear and effective way, and aligns with everything we try to accomplish at Books for Kids: to immerse children in a print-rich environment, and to read with children during their most formative years. These critical practices have been proven to lead to success in school, and in life.
Amanda Hirsh, Executive Director
The Books for Kids Foundation

All children need caring adults in their lives who read with them. This book makes a clear case for how enjoyable, rewarding, and important it is for all of us to fulfill this responsibility.
Ron Fairchild, President & CEO
Smarter Learning Group

In reading and re-reading your book, I take my hat off to you for the VERY thorough job you did and the various aspects on which you touched. Your book is MUCH, MUCH more than just 101 reasons to do a very common sense thing. I meant it when I said that your book should be required reading for reading teachers and parents. Your references are a key to anyone’s desire to dig deeper.
Richard Sutz, CEO
The Literacy Company & the Institute For Efficient Reading

A child’s journey to become a reader starts early. 101 Reasons to Read to Your Child reminds us that cultivating a love of reading in children can ultimately provide the foundation for their future success. This is a wonderful resource for anyone who has a child in their life.
Jess Lazzara, Vice President

This book reminds parents of the many benefits that sharing books with children can bring. It will encourage parents who may have many books in their homes, as well as those who have few, to find creative ways to engage young children in vital, daily reading experiences that will transform their lives. Darlene Kostrub, Chief Executive Officer
Palm Beach County Literacy Coalition

I am absolutely convinced by your 101 Reasons to READ to Your Child. In fact, I’d add one more: It’s fun.
Walter Anderson, Chairman and Publisher
Parade Publications

101 Reasons to READ to Your Child is not only enjoyable; it is vitally important.
Paul Simon, Director, Public Policy Institute
Southern Illinois University at Carbondale

I firmly believe that reading is the theater of the mind and TV will never replace it. I have eleven great-grandchildren to get your book and follow its advice.
Art Linkletter, Radio & TV Personality (Deceased)

This book is a great reminder of how important it is to read to our children. Not only does reading build close relationships, it opens new worlds to our
children and encourages them to dream. What a great gift to give a child.
Dave Thomas, (Deceased) Founder
Wendy’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers