We work with attorneys and law firms providing a variety of services, including photography, marketing, and media relations. Practicing law may be your profession, but promoting your law practice is still a necessary part of the job.

Creating your “brand” and targeting your audience come with building the business, which is where we can help. We create consistent imagery, relevant content and develop media opportunities in order to drive awareness of your practice and increase your client base.

The type of law you practice, who you help, important legal “tips”, unique aspects of your firm, noteworthy court case wins, and any legislative bills passed or pending that affect your clients is valuable information to share.

In addition to digital channels, we believe in the power of books. We offer book production and publishing services to help you create a lasting and impressive marketing tool that sets you apart from your competitors. A book can elevate your profile, create media interest, and make you the “go to” firm when media needs quotes from a legal authority.

We can help you write your book in as little as 10 hours or less of your time. Our team then continues the process of editing, proofing, designing, publishing and distributing your book directly into the hands of your prospects, media, and business community.