We work with doctors and dentists whose specialties vary widely. What they have in common is that they want to help people. By widening their scope of influence through book development and publishing, press coverage, photography and videography, we can exponentially increase the reach of their practices and services.

Cutting edge medical procedures and therapies, dental and orthodontic specialties, cosmetic procedures and surgeries are ideal businesses for book publishing. A book can showcase health and beauty, before and after results, new procedures or alternative therapies, testimonials and endorsements. It is a testament to your craft and expertise, and a unique marketing tool to develop business opportunities.

We don’t want to take you away from your clients and your business, so if a book sounds interesting to you, let’s talk. We help you write your book in only 10 hours or less of your time! Our team then continues the process of editing, proofing, designing, publishing and distributing your book. Your book can be put directly into the hands of your potential market, and can be positioned to obtain regional and national media.