David C. Dawson, Executive Director of University Relations, Nova Southeastern University
On behalf of President George Hanbury, I want to thank StarGroup for your guidance, planning design and execution of this wonderful commemorative look at our university. Considering the size and complexity of the publication, you kept the process on time and within budget, even considering the large number of contributors that had to be satisfied along the way. Most importantly, you were all such a joy to work with, helping make a difficult challenge much more palatable. We just can’t thank you enough!

Albert J. Kurpis, DDS, Amazing Smiles Through Cosmetic Dentistry
I can't thank you enough for making my book, Amazing Smiles through Cosmetic Dentistry, a tremendous success. You and your team were great and delightful to work with. Your obvious experience and creativity made the entire process painless. The book itself is beautiful, as I continually get many compliments about how great it looks. You can imagine how surprised I was when I sold over 700 books within the first month of publication! In addition to sales, my book has opened up many new doors to opportunities that I would have never thought about before.

Marvin A. Tanck, President and CEO, Gulfstream Goodwill Industries, Inc. Changing Lives
The breadth of StarGroup's experienced staff gave our organization access to professionals we could not replicate in other firms, and at the fraction of the cost. The Gulfstream Goodwill 35th Anniversary Book idea was remarkable, as it will continue to educate the public as to what Goodwill contributes to our community. The book, with StarGroup's idea of corporate sponsors, brought us closer to the business community and has resulted in new contracts, employing more persons with barriers to employment. StarGroup certainly is a "Star Group" of professionals who definitely impacted Gulfstream Goodwill in a positive manner, increasing our communities' awareness of our organization.

Arthur E. Turner, Co-Founder, Northwood University, The Northwood Idea
Northwood University is better today because we found StarGroup and its staff. StarGroup's abilities to be creative, directed and accountable have been our creed since we started the University forty years ago, and it has really been the first public relations firm that has come even close to filling that capacity. The recent book that StarGroup published, ‘The Northwood Idea-40 Years of People Helping People,' has been a great success in helping people know what brought Northwood from the beginning with 106 students to 11,000 today.

I would like to take a moment to tell you how delighted we all are with the wonderful job you and your associates at StarGroup International did on our cookbook. To say that the book's been a hit is, at best, an understatement. The book has opened dozens of media doors for us: NBC, ABC, CBS, The NY Daily News, WOR Radio & TV, The Martha Stewart Show and many others; in turn, increasing ticket sales (for the Off-Broadway hit show) and good will in each city we appear.
Steve Solomon
Comedian & author
My Mother's Italian My Father's Jewish I'm in Therapy! Cookbook

There are only a very few public relations people who can really get a job done as it should be… and only a minute few who are efficient, positively outstanding, and who deliver. That's the name of the game... and that's what you do best!
David Landau
David Landau International Design, Ltd.

Thank you for introducing the Hibel Museum to an incredible fundraising tool! StarGroup has done a wonderful job in helping us promote the coffee table book which showcases the incredible life of Edna Hibel. Your suggestions and assistance in producing a marketing package to launch the project was very effective. Raising funds for something non-existent is not an easy task. The fact that the first printing of this book has the ability to generate over $700,000 is very exciting.
Nancy Walls
Director, Hibel Museum of Art

I very much enjoyed working with you and your colleagues at the Star Group International on my book. It was indeed one of my most pleasurable projects, made so by your fine group. Thank you very much.
Vincent Naimoli
Chairman Emeritus Founder, Tampa Bay Rays - Business, Baseball & Beyond

Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce - From sponsorship to photo spreads and editorial, the book was masterful. There was a story to tell and it was told with style and grace, capturing the true essence of Palm Beach: a town filled with diversity and enchantment that is hard to describe.
Laurel Baker
Executive Director, Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your wonderful staff for all your help in making our book become a reality. I can't begin to tell you how amazed I am with the finished product. The fact that bookstores are already calling and asking how they can get it in their store is confirmation that this book is destined to go far!!
Katie Shepherd
Founder & CEO, The Shepherd Institute for Lice Solutions - Lice Advice

In less than one year I went from local political activist to nationally acclaimed author. StarGroup International has changed my life. What I didn't know I had in me has been brought to life by Brenda Star and her publishing cadre. I have a talking website, book signings, media interviews and an Amazon account. At the end of the day I am a proud author who believes that the best that was in me is now out there for everyone to share.
Sid Dinerstein
Political Activist- Adults Only: For People Who Love Their Country More Than Their Party

Learning to See: An Artist's View on Contemporary Artists From Artschwager to Zakanitch, has received rave reviews from the international art community and has been accepted at numerous prestigious museum bookstores, such as the Museum of Modern Art and the Guggenheim Museum... somehow you were able to get our 200-page book out to us within sixty days! We simply could not have accomplished this project without your professional management.
Bruce Helander
Art Critic
Learning to See

To say that I am thrilled with the book is understated. Your team has performed a work of excellence in every regard. As we await the final books I anticipate an ongoing venture to promote the work along with you. With a great deal of respect I remain not only a client but a friend and cherish all the good vibes shared through the process.
Sandra Thompson
Artist- Palm Beach: A Retrospective

This letter concerns my business relationship with Brenda Star. Over the last two years, Ms Star has displayed invaluable business talents. She has been thoroughly efficient in all our dealings, has scrupulously kept her word and eagerly pursed business opportunities. In summary she is the model of an excellent business person.
Jeffrey Lichtenstein
Mattley Credit Institute

Brenda’s professionalism and creativity was a true asset to the project. We were quite pleased with the quality of the final product as well as the service provided throughout the planning process.
Paul Leone
President, THE BREAKERS, Palm Beach

The creativity, in copy and presentation, exercised by Star Group International has brought to life a history that has been a well kept secret for almost 40 years. Changing Lives has opened up conversation with study participants that would not have occurred otherwise, making the response to study questions much more significant and vital to the end result of study.
W.W. Wilson
Gulfstream Goodwill Foundation

The creative input from your group has afforded us the opportunity to actually "make a choice" as opposed to "settling with" any given product or recommendation. This freedom provides Gehring Group with the tools necessary to meet and surpass the goals we have set forth as an organization. We are able to focus on day-to-day objectives knowing that our promotional and public relations needs are met in a professional and expedient manner.
Kurt N. Gehring
President, The Gehring Group

Information has become a currency and it is manipulated as such. The proficiency in the exchange of this currency guarantees success, and every development in the Worldwide Broadcast Network Operating System is geared toward optimizing this exchange. StarGroup International believed in me. I want to thank them for helping me make news.
Alexious Fiero
OSTV Operating System: The Next Wave of Information

You created a book that is done in an extremely professional manner. The quality of the product and the professionalism of you and your staff is very much appreciated. I was particularly pleased that your staff and mine were able to work together to create a product and do so with so little of my personal involvement.
Jerome T. Butwin
Give Your Wealth to Your Family NOT the IRS!

It took the better part of thirty-five years to accumulate enough experience and gain the firsthand knowledge that I brought to this book. I have to thank the guys at StarGroup International. They helped me take my amorphous ramblings and find some clarity and focus. They deserve a Purple Heart for their efforts.
Larry Hill
Forget the Customer

Many warm thanks to you and the StarGroup for publishing and writing "Edna Hibel-Stories That Warm The Heart." The book has warmed my heart and meeting all of you has been a delight. Besides it being a pleasure for me, I must complement you for your artistic approach, your intelligence, your professional approach, your warm humor and just being so great to work with.
Edna Hibel
Stories that Warm the Heart

It is a pleasure to work with Brenda Star and her staff at StarGroup International. This is a group of professionals of high standards, expertise and ingenuity.
Alicia Blodgett
Just the Two of Us

I appreciate your professionalism, honesty, integrity and follow through. Your commitment to excellence is truly refreshing.
Wally "Famous" Amos
The Cookie Man

I would recommend the Star Group International for a presentation skills workshop for any sales organization looking to improve upon its existing talents in the effective delivery of the sales materials to the public.
Ralph E. Heckert
Managing Director, Sanford C. Bernstein & Co., Inc.

Thank you for the incredibly efficient and professional job that Star Group International performed... I was extremely impressed with the follow-through provided by you and your very capable staff.
Bren Simon
National Board, Communities in Schools

This is just a note to thank you. I commend you and your staff at Star Group International for the professional way that we have been treated by your company. Many people are interested in new clients, but you have continued to provide "service after the sale" with innovative and creative suggestions.
Wanek Stein
President, High Road Global Character Development

While most public relations firms traditionally concentrate solely on the media for the promotion of books, you organized other areas of marketing that I did not even know existed.
Dr. Robert Harris
CEO Sunshine Publications Ltd.

It was a pleasure working with the Star Group…we put together a 'wow' of a book.
Carol Untermeyer
The Promise of Eternity

Your creative ideas and guidance were wonderful. Your professionalism is to be applauded. Your team of experts really made me look good. I am looking forward to our next venture.
Steve Levine
Executive Chief, Hippocrates Health Institute

I find Brenda Star to be delightful, personable, outgoing, and full of interest and enthusiasm in just about everything. Her work is thorough and efficient. Her persistence and creativity are unmatched. She has fulfilled every promise and deadline. I find her to be honest, straightforward, and of the highest integrity. Brenda comes to you with my highest recommendations!
Brian Clement
Director, Hippocrates Health Institute

Thank you again for your support and direct commitment to our cause. I would suggest Star Group International to any business or corporation looking to improve their mission into the new millennium.
Michael Varajon
President, NFL Alumni Palm Beach

I would like to thank StarGroup International, Inc. for their assistance with my company's official first press release. ...Within 24-hours of our press release being sent by StarGroup, I was contacted by a local news investigative reporter from KOMO-TV who wanted to interview me. I also received a call from one of our large local newspapers. Articles were written in both the Seattle Times and the Seattle Post Intelligencer about our company and upcoming event. Thank you StarGroup, you have helped us begin with a successful bang and official opening of business.
Seth Goldberg
President, Essco Safety Check