What a timely piece! Just what we in several of my new task forces and working groups have been looking for to accomplish one of the chief goals of my new administration - to enhance and encourage civic education in Connecticut. There is indeed a crisis in civics.
Denise Merrill
Connecticut Secretary of State

After reading this book, I am confident that you will once again share in that same pride and appreciation for the greatness that is America and will be better able to play a role in keeping it that way.
Trey Grayson
Director, Institute of Politics, Harvard University
Kentucky Secretary of State (2004-2011)

America has been blessed with a rich heritage and the finest Constitution ever written. Unfortunately too many Americans have not been taught adequately about these subjects. This book is an excellent resource for every American citizen.
Kris W. Kobach
Kansas Secretary of State
Professor of Constitutional Law
University of Missouri – Kansas City 1996-2010

CITIZENSHIP should serve as a wake up call. We live in the greatest nation on earth, founded on personal rights and responsibilities, yet we fail to teach our citizens of all ages the history that made America what it is today. This book is a good start.
Max Maxfield
Wyoming Secretary of State

An immediate, dramatic turnaround is required of American citizens. Fortunately, StarGroup has recognized this by publishing this most timely, greatly needed, very patriotic book. It tells its readers about the vision and contributions of our Founding Fathers, what America really is, why we are fortunate to be an American and should love it dearly, and how we, ourselves, can help make it the great nation it has been. This is a must read for all good citizens.
Brigadier General Albin F. Irzyk USA
Veteran WWII, VN, Cold War

This book is a powerful hands-on, interactive experience. Pick it up and you’ll get into it—testing yourself on citizenship, filling in the gaps on the American platform and appreciating the many personal wonders provided by not only our Founding Fathers, but today’s citizens who love this country. You’ll want to jump in and be more proactive about citizenship as part of your world.
Roger Klietz
President, Living Arts College

This book is a must for every family, including the Holtz family. We have an obligation to tell our children what made this country great, as the schools now fail to do so. Lou Holtz
Football Coach
College Football Hall of Fame Class of 2008

CITIZENSHIP encourages readers to learn about and participate in civic life. It simultaneously educates and inspires, eloquently urging every American to partake in a more active citizenry.
David B. Smith
Executive Director, National Conference on Citizenship

CITIZENSHIP is a superb primer for all Americans. It is Civics 101, the basics that every citizen and patriot should know about our magnificent country. Brenda Star has done a truly great service in compiling this important work.
General Anthony C. Zinni
USMC (Retired)

Business people like being prepared. We like having our facts ready and knowing our industry well, but how many of us can say the same for our knowledge of the Constitution or how our country works? This book is the perfect guide to the principles that govern so many parts of our lives, in and out of business. Being without it means not being prepared and not knowing some of the basic items that all of us should be proud of. It should be a must read and on every bookshelf. Dean A. Deyo
President Emeritus, Time Warner Communications
President, Memphis Music Foundation

This book is a concise, entertaining, educational and enlightening work that will both inform and ignite the passion in every American. What sets this work apart from all other citizen guides is the invitation to make a difference through active participation, volunteerism and heartfelt compassion for our military including war veterans, disaster survivors, seniors and the disabled. We are all one America. Whatever path we travel, we do not walk alone.
Stephanie Haridopolos, M.D.
First Lady of the Florida Senate 2010-2012

CITIZENSHIP is a must read for everyone from children to grandparents to ensure every American knows the basic history of our great country and how our government works. This book is an essential tool for preparing active and engaged citizens to carry our proud history forward.
Rich DeVos
Founder of Amway and Chairman of the Orlando Magic

An extremely well researched and fact-based book. As a naturalized citizen of this great country, I only wish that Brenda Star had been there earlier to help enlighten our historic and civic knowledge. This is a wonderful overview.
Dr. Eduardo Prado Ayau
International Dental Arts

The information in this book is vital and well presented. I love it!
Adam Clatsoff
President, ADCAHB

The United States is losing the bridge between our heritage and our future. CITIZENSHIP is the repair kit. Pray that it works.
Sid Dinerstein
Author of “Adults Only - For Those Who Love Their Country More Than Their Party”

Let’s acknowledge this: the United States, whatever its faults, is an exceptional and exalted nation - still a beacon to the world. Our challenge is to keep it that way and to embrace it. The reshaping of the United States is underway, and this book, rooted in the basics, is a blueprint for all who intend to be in the process.
Robert Dilenschneider
Chairman & Founder, The Dilenschneider Group

This book really does contain important information that every American needs to know. Congratulations on a job well done!
Vince Naimoli
Chairman Emeritus/Founder, Tampa Bay Rays

This book has great information about American history. It was fun to read. I shared a lot of information with my parents and friends. Now I know how to say the ‘Pledge of Allegiance.’ Rohith Karthic
Age 5
Kindergartener, Author of Hey Kids, America Needs Us!

Every U.S. citizen should keep this book handy. It is chock-full of information we all should know. Kudos to Brenda Star for recognizing the serious need for this book.
John C. Randolph
Chairman, Palm Beach Fellowship of Christians and Jews

Americans need thoughtful and effective civic education now more than ever, and the Center for Civic Education’s national network welcomes all contributions to the common enterprise of education for democracy. CITIZENSHIP includes many interesting items, such as the inspirational stories that might catch the eye of readers and interest them in the ideals of “Exactly what America needs at exactly the right time! We can never take for granted the privilege of being an American. This book not only challenges your knowledge of America, but it challenges you to be a better American.
Nasser Kazeminy
Chairman, National Ethnic Coalition of Organizations Foundations, Inc.

In reviewing the many writings in this excellent book, we are reminded that words indeed matter. Through CITIZENSHIP we see that the values which have distinguished the United States, such as liberty, equal justice for all, and the rule of law, are compelling and enduring.
Scott Gardner Hawkins, Esquire
President, The Florida Bar (2011-2012)

Brenda Star is a genius. No other subject is more timely nor important during this critical time in our American history than understanding and truly appreciating the unique heritage we are privileged to enjoy. This very concise and readable book should be in every household and schoolroom in America for study and reference. We will survive with an educated AND responsible citizenry. Brenda Star’s wonderful book reminds us again of these responsibilities.
Jon K. Thompson
West Point Graduate
Vietnam Veteran
Former Board member of the National Defense University Foundation
Past President and Chairman of the Defense
Orientation Conference Association

CITIZENSHIP includes many interesting items. It could be useful to Americans young and old.
John H. Hale
Associate Director, Center for Civic Education